The Perfect Find by Tia Williams

The Perfect Find

The Perfect Find by Tia Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I inhaled Seven Days in June in about a 48 hour timeframe. So, you know I had to pick up her book that is being turned into a television series, “The Perfect Find.” Her most recent novel, Seven Days in June, was impeccable, so I just knew anything I picked up from her was going to be divine.

The Perfect Find, for the most part, is a really good standalone romance novel that can completely captivate a reader and pull them all the way into the story, like you are a fly on the wall. I was totally engaged, eyes wide open, fully immersed from the very first page.

Tia Williams is telling a story about a 40 year old woman who is trying to rejuvenate herself after a major break up and life change in her career. She also talks about several real world issues regarding older women, dating, late-stage career shifts, financial security, dating younger men and the cougar behavior, childbearing/rearing after 35, and haters. She covers the entire social stratum in this book and what it means to be a single 40 year old Black woman with no children, trying to make a comeback in her life. Imagine, How Stella Got Her Groove Back meets Living Single.

The story made for some really good drama and tension in this book. I was completely drawn in and on the edge of my seat as all the juicy details was just coming to life right before my eyes. The book had the right amount of tension, tea, and haterade coming to life in this book. I was hanging on for dear life for the majority of the ride. However, there came a part of the book , about 2/3rds in, where I felt like it was too drawn out and became boring, but it picked back up, and the ending was well worth it.

I really enjoyed the attention to detail that Williams had for this story. I gleaned a ton of various messages from this book, which provided a great deal of encouragement to women all around.

Some of the themes that I found in this book were:
– Independence
– Resilience
– Determination
– Starting over
– Dating, commitment, red flags
– Career women
– Feminism
– Late-stage parenting
– Relationships
– Friendships
– Cougar behavior
– Dating
– Sex

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The story had a perfect balance between wit, charm, and romance. My only critique is that about 2/3rds in, the story gets bogged down tragically with minutae, but it does recover, and the ending is definitely worth it and makes up for the portion of the story that tanked. 4.5 stars

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