The Between by Tananarive Due

The Between: A Novel

The Between: A Novel by Tananarive Due

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Initial reaction: This book is like a shiny old school car that you admire as it drives by and you just want to ride in it and touch the buttery soft leather interior. It is a beaut!! This is what this book was for me. Gorgeous writing!! OMG!! I’m fangirling over some writing, okkk!!

This book is about a man named Hilton, who as a little boy, experienced 2 extremely stressful situations. Most notably, he experienced a near-death experience, where his grandmother saved his life. In turn, she dies saving him, and now, Hilton believes, the universe is hellbent on making him pay for escaping death when he was a kid. In addition, his wife has received death threats from a white supremacist who is out to get the first Black appointed judge from continuing her career. Hilton then becomes obsessed with protecting his family from these racist attacks, while trying to figure out what is going on with his mental health.

There is an unbelievable amount of tension that is at work in Due’s words, that magically pulls you through this book with deftness and curiosity. Due has impeccable writing!! Flawless! You hear me?! Perfect writing! She leaves nothing out! This story gripped me from the very beginning and did not let me go until the end. I consumed this book in 2 days, and I didn’t want it to end at all. Her character development led me to believe that all her characters were real! They were so well-developed, that you can’t tell me these characters don’t exist.

Due talks about a wealth of topics here so superbly that I cannot write a review that would do this book justice. You just have to read it!

She talks about:
– Racial hostility towards Black people (police sanctioned violence towards Black boys specifically)
– White supremacy and terrorism
– Hate crimes
– Black family structure
– Mental health illness (specifically Schizophrenia and stigmas)
– Grief
– Death
– Marriage
– Importance of police living in neighborhoods they serve (Black policemen)
– Dreams and interpretations vs. superstitions

I had slept on Tananarive Due for awhile now. I’ve had her book, My Soul to Keep for such a long time that now after reading The Between, I will be reading her other book. I’m ashamed at myself for waiting this long to read her work.

This book completely dissolves the line between fantasy and reality, and Due does so in such a way that as a reader, you become lost and question what’s real and what’s not in this book as you go along. Her plot twists, and tense action/thriller scenes make for a great read. Very compelling read, and the writing keeps you guessing to the very end while keeping you on pins and needles all the way through this book.

Awesome awesome awesome!! 5 stars.

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